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Mad Libs Baby Shower Game

Are you looking for a great baby shower game that is simple, fun and entertaining? Then, this Mad Libs baby shower game is sure to pique your interest! This hilarious game is just like the usual crazy chores – but with a cute baby shower twist.

This is an excellent game for co-parenting baby showers because everyone can join in. It’s also perfect for virtual baby showers – you can play through WebbyBabyShower’s slide-based Mad Libs game – we’ll show you how:

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How to Play Mad Libs Baby Shower Game

Playing Mad Libs baby shower games is a piece of cake with the free slides from WebbyBabyShower.

To start, the host will pull up an instruction page and slides containing several short, crazy-related crazy job stories. Each story has blank spaces that fall into different categories, such as adjectives, verbs, food names, etc.

The host will tell the guests which blanks they have to fill in. For example, a story may require two adjectives, two verbs, and two nouns.

After this, the host will exit screen sharing mode and switch to the story slide. The host would ask the guests the words they came up with and fill in the blanks. Once the blanks are filled in, the host will share their screen again to reveal the full story.

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