Aqeeqah | Aqiqah | Aqiqa Ceremony

Aqeeqah , Aqiqah , Aqiqa Ceremony | Decorator |Decoration Ideas for your grand celebration! In Bhopal

Aqeeqah , Aqiqah , Aqiqa Ceremony | Decorator |Decoration Ideas for your grand celebration! In Bhopal

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Muslims celebrate the birth of a baby in a ceremony called Aqiqah. Aqiqah is performed seven days
after a baby is born. If Aqiqah can’t be done on the seventh day after the baby is born, it should be
done on the 14th day, or the 21st day, or the 28th day and so on.

  • The most important reason for having an Aqiqah ceremony is so that Muslims
    can say thank you to Allah (God) for the birth of a baby. Parents invite
    friends and family to celebrate and join them in thanking Allah. They share a
    special meal together. Friends and family might bring gifts for the baby.
  • An important part of Aqiqah is when the baby’s head is shaved. Shaving a baby’s head is
    mentioned in the Muslim special book, the Qu’ran.
    It shows that the baby belongs to Allah. After the baby’s head has been shaved,
    the name of the baby is announced. Muslim parents choose their baby’s names very
    carefully. Boys will often be named after one of Allah’s special messengers. Girls
    will often be named after women in the Qu’ran. The baby’s hair is weighed. The
    parents will then give the same weight in silver to charity. Giving to charity is an important part
    of being a Muslim.
  • In some places, a baby’s family will make an offering of meat. They will share this
    meat with their friends and give some of it to poor people who don’t have much to
    eat. In Britain, Muslims might order the meat from a special Islamic butcher. This
    meat will also be given to people who don’t have much money.

Aqeeqa, Aqeeqah ki dua

Aqeeqa Aqeeqah ki dua
Aqeeqa Aqeeqah ki dua

The Dua for aqeeqa is (if the baby is a boy): ‘Allahumma Hazihi Aqqeeqatu ____________ (call the child’s name). Damuha bi Damihi, Wa Lahmuha bi Lahmihi, Wa Adhmuha bi Adhmihi, Wa Jilduha bi Jildihi wa Sha’ruha bi Sha’rihi’

If the baby is a girl, say: ‘Allahumma Hazihi Aqeeqatu ____________ (call the child’s name). Damuha bi Damiha, Wa Lahmuha bi Lahmiha, Wa Adhmuha bi Adhmiha, Wa Jilduha bi Jildiha wa Sha’ruha bi Sha’riha.’

After saying any of the above, say, ‘Inni Wajahtu Wajhiya Lillazi Fataras Samawaati Wal Ardh. Haneefanw wa Maa Ana Minal Mushrikeen. Inna Salaati wa Nusuki Wa Mahyaya Wa Mamaati Lillahi Rabbil A’lameen, Laa Shareeka Lahu Wa Bi Dhalika Umirtu Wa Ana Awwalul Muslimeen. Allahumma Minka Wa Laka.’

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