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Ball In The hole Game for Birthday Party in Bhopal.

Hole ball Game one of the best fun activity for kids and as well as all age people.
  • Tennis Or Smiley Balls
  • One Person handles the live stall (arranges and attends the stall).
  • All require equipment.
Can be available for upto 2 to 3 hours (based on your choice at booking).
Requirements from Your End:
  • Gifts and table is required.

Cartoon Costumed Characters on Rent for Birthday Party in Bhopal.

Birthdaywala Provides Costumed Cartoon Characters in for Birthday Parties in Bhopal OUR CARTOON CHARACTER PARTY PACKAGE: You will not find the combination of nicer, newer and more affordable costumed characters anywhere. We offer a full 3 hour visit from the character of your choice. The entertainer can dance with everyone, and of course pose for all the pictures you like. Our character will also pass out candy surprises that we supply during the visit and stay for a cake cutting.   Description Cartoon Costumed Characters or Mascots Costumes:
  • Motu, Patlu, Mickey and Minnie is Available on Rent at Present, on Rent.
  • They can welcome your guests on entry, dance to music, play with kids, and can distribute candies at the party. (Candies should be given from the client side.)
  • 3 hours
  • Artists with Motu , Patlu ,Mickey and Minnie Costumes on Rent for Party will come to your location 30 minutes before your event timings.
  • They will take a rest of 15 minutes after every 30 minutes due to suffocation in Cartoon costumes.
  • Cartoons will not perform near the “Food Zone” or “Food Stalls” due to the cleanliness of Cartoon Costumes
  • Please feel free to call us at 9300630636, for your queries or concerns.

Magician,Magic Show Jadugar For Birthday Party in Bhopal.

Hire Jadugar Magician,Magic Show For Birthday Party in Bhopal. We Provide Magician For Birthday Party In Bhopal.Are you planning a kids birthday party or event, and looking for some age appropriate entertainment???we?ve connected Hundreds of performers with party planners to help create extraordinary events. Description
  • 100% Interactive & Entertaining
  • Proper involvement of Audience
  • Most of the tricks will be done by Kids over there.
  • 40-50 Minutes
  Please Note:
  • Magician will be sent to your location, 30 minutes before the show timings.
  • A “TABLE > 4 sq ft” will be require for the setup, & 10 minutes to arrange the things on it.
  • “Background Music” (if possible) for better impact of the show
Other than birthday parties, what other kinds of events do magicians perform at? Children, party magicians are perfect for school events, trade shows, community events, fairs, festivals, and more! How long does the magician perform? This depends on the magician you are looking to book and the type of performance requested. Generally, children’s party magicians provide a 40-50 minute show with one or two breaks in between to give kids time to release their wiggles.

Photographer For Birthday Party In Bhopal.

We know whatever the occasion, it is a once in a lifetime ? meaning the need for a professional photographer to preserve those special moments at your parties is essential!

Photography You Can Brag About!

At Birthdaywala  we are the? Birthday party photography experts. With years of week in and week out ? we are often finding ourselves doing photography especially 1st celebrations! Don?t leave it up to any Tom Dick And Harry ? just hire our affordable party photographers in Bhopal! Wherever it may be, we will be there! Birthdays are special and it is a must to save these memories for the future. The only way to store these beautiful moments is with photographs. Photographs are an important part of everyone's life. They help connect with the past and revive old memories Birthday party photography includes capturing every special moment of a birthday. Whether it is a kid's birthday or the golden birthday of your parents, birthday photography can capture all. There are following services included in this photography: We Have 2 Packages in General 1, Basic Package =3800 Soft Copies in this Package You will Get Un-Edited Pictures (Raw ) Soft Copy Only, around 130-150 Pictures.After the Event Photos copied to your Laptop 2, Classic Package =7800 in this Package You will Get Edited Pictures Soft Copy Only, around 130-150 Pictures. Things to Remember:
    • Photography duration of 3 hours in only one location
    • Every extra hour of work is chargeable proportionate to the base rate
    • The number of pictures per shoot ranges from 130-150 Pictures.
    • The photographer is available for a maximum of 4 hours.
    • The Edited pictures will be delivered to the client’s address within 10 working days from the event date.
here Sharing few of our photographer pictures

Trampoline (ट्रेम्पोलिन) /Bouncy Castle / Kids Slide, on Rent for Birthday Parties in Bhopal

Birthdaywala Provide Kids Slide, Bouncy Castle on Rent for Birthday Parties in Bhopal. Whether they?re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, kids love? having a go at something new. BOUNCE? in Parties are the ultimate fun and active way to celebrate. You can opt for this multicolored Kids Slide Bouncy Castle on rent for your kid’s Birthday Party to engage all the children for a long time. Kids love to jump and slide on the bouncy. The more you engage the kids, the more you can enjoy the party. An Attendee will be there with the bouncy to organize the kids properly by giving them a similar time to be on the bouncy turn by turn so that everyone can enjoy.
  • Celebrate your child’s birthday with a fun and exciting bouncy castle!
  • Our Bouncy Castles come in bright colors to fit your party’s theme.
  • Renting a bouncy castle is easy and convenient, just let us know the date and location.
  • Our castles are made with safe and durable material, ensuring a great time for all kids.
  • Book now and give your child and their friends an unforgettable birthday experience!
  • Large Bouncy 5500 Price
  • 3 to 10 years
  • 3 hours
  • Height – 14 feet
  • Width – 12 feet
  • Length – 15 feet
  • We’ll send the Kids Slide Bouncy Castle on Rent for Birthday Parties to your location 30 minutes before your event timings for Setup.
  • Delivery + Pick-up charge levied according to the distance.
  • We need the continuous power supply for the Bouncy Motor for 3 hours.
  • Please feel free to call us on 93000630636 withyour queries or concerns.