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Haldi Decoration

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Colorful Tassels Decoration-? Easy Haldi Decoration At Home Not a big fan of all-yellow and orange decor for haldi? Add a bright pop of color to your haldi decoration at home using strings of multi-colored tassels! All you need is a yellow drape for the backdrop, multicolored tassels, and a few quirky cushions to recreate this look.  

Handmade Simple Haldi Decoration At Home

There is no better way to get involved in the process than going DIY! These simple haldi decorations are fun to try and will add to the overall aesthetic of the haldi setting. Below are some handmade simple haldi decorations at home that you can try creating.

Haldi Decoration 2

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Shubh Labh on the backdrop with flowers and beautiful Tassels hanging and used props for Haldi function. Vibrant florals creating this floral wreath with modern hues using beautiful tassels hanging and unique props

Haldi Decoration.

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Terms of Booking:- Advance payment of Rs/- 500 needs to be made to block the calendar? date for your event.

Haldi Welcome Board

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Haldi Welcome Board ? Handmade Simple Haldi Decoration At Home This welcome board can easily be recreated at home using simple materials that won?t cost a lot. All you need is a piece of plywood or thick cardboard for the base. Cover it with a layer of white sheet. Use real or artificial marigold flowers, and stick them on the white base and write ?haldi? using the flowers. Don?t forget to make the outline using flowers of contrasting colours! This handmade simple haldi decoration at home is quick and easy to make.

Simple yet innovative Haldi Decor

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Haldi rasam is synonymous with color yellow which is the theme of this decor. A floral cascade with rose, carnation, marigold, sunflower against the backdrop of yellow is sure to catch every imagination.