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The 2022 Hen Party and Stag Do Trends

If you’re trying to plan a hen party or stag for next year but have no idea what to do, we’ve got you covered. Rob Crump from Personal Products Retailer printster tells us what hen and stag trends are sure to be popular in the new year.

“A big trend set for weddings in 2022 is making up for lost time,” says Robb. “This mentality is reserved not only for marriage but also for the hen and the stag.”

Rise of the ‘Stan Do’

stan do cheers hen stag trends

“Stan Do” – 9900% lift in Google searches

A ‘stan’ doe is a joint stag and hen doe, where the bride and groom decide to celebrate together before their wedding day. Their popularity continues to rise, with searches for “stan do” seeing a massive 9900% increase in the past month alone.

The tradition of men and women celebrating separately is considered out of date, as many couples share a friendship group as well as stag and hen dos do not cater to same-sex couples. Another reason for the rising popularity of the trend comes from the budget. “Separate stag and hen dos can be costly, so combining the two events into one big event can be much cheaper.” Rob explains.

At Home Hen Parties and Stag Dos

at home hen party stag do hen stag trends

,do chicken / antelope in the house, – 9600% uplift in searches

Instead of destination stag and hen dos, or even lodging events, many hen and stag dos are favoring the comfort of home and hosting their own party at home.

Robb explains that the reasoning for this trend comes from an awareness of the pressures of having a hen and stag guest. “The average cost of attending a hen or stag party in 2019 before the pandemic was £391. As the pandemic hits and many people lose their jobs or face financial difficulties, many couples are mindful of asking too much of their guests and are, instead, favoring a more low-key affair.

Just because a hen or stag is set on the house doesn’t mean it needs to be any less exciting than any other event. Rob offers advice on how to roast a hen or stag at home:

  • If weather permits, host a garden party featuring BBQ and cocktails
  • Host an indoor afternoon tea with sandwiches, finger foods and Prosecco
  • Hire entertainers to come to you. If you were going places it would work out much cheaper

For more hen party inspiration, see our round-up Best Hen Party Accessories and Ideas Here,

Small Hen Party and Micro Stag Dos

little hen party girls hen and stag trends

“small hen do” – 215.2% increase in searches

Despite the easing of Covid restrictions and the year ahead looking positive, one lingering trend that is set to continue into 2022 is the micro hen/stag doo.

“Instead of inviting many people to their festivities, couples are now favoring smaller ceremonies with only close friends,” explains Rob. “After 18 months of being separated from so many close friends and family, events like Hen and Stag Doss are no longer about big blasts, but more to make up for lost time.”

In 2019 the average hen size was 14 and the average stag size was 15 and many couples are looking to downsize even further, with the estimated amount dropping to around a 10 or 12. Even though the groups are smaller, many are not looking to reduce their budgets, resulting in more lavish celebrations.

delayed function

“When Do After Wedding” – Most Googled Question

The pandemic saw a significant increase in micro-weddings, with many couples scaling back their previously large weddings to include only close friends and family.

“Despite over 260,000 couples postponing their weddings to 2021, a huge amount decided to keep their previous 2020 date and scale down their wedding and festivities.” Rob Notes.

According to Google, one of the most searched questions about hen dos is “Can you get poultry after marriage” The number of couples who seem to challenge tradition.

“Hen and stag dos are no longer seen as ‘the last night of freedom’ before entering married life and are instead a way for the couple to celebrate.”

Rob continues: “With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many couples are opting to host their hen and stag much later.”

With travel restrictions still in place, and many of us with extended family and friends around the world, it can be difficult to make sure everyone you want can arrive when your heart is set on a particular wedding date. be set This is where elongating your hen and stag comes in, as it gives those who might be attending the wedding a chance to celebrate properly.

Activity Hen Parties and Active Stag Dos

activity hen do hen and stag trends

“activity hen do” – 194% lift in Google searches

“activity stag do” – 119% increase in searches

Another hen and stag trend for 2022 is about to emerge in the form of activity-based hen and stag dosas, which are rampant for 2022, as they take the pressure off the host and give everyone the opportunity to relax and have some fun. allow them to do what they have never done before.

A huge trend starting in 2022 is hosting a murder mystery party, with searches specifically for “hen murder mystery” seeing a 9700% increase in searches over the past three months.

Rob advises, “It’s easier than you think to solve a murder mystery.” “The appeal of a murder mystery night is that it can suit all budgets. You can buy inexpensive kits that give you step-by-step instructions on how to host one successfully, or those with larger budgets Can also make a full weekend, offering immersive experiences at a number of locations across the UK.

A murder mystery especially appeals to large groups of people who may have lots of friends and family who may not know each other very well. “Activity-based parties are excellent ice breakers, as it allows the newly introduced guests to get to know each other.”

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