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Love Island Hen Party Ideas You Can Crack On With

Are you a fan of Love Island? Well, with this year’s contestants focusing on their female friendship and bond, we are loving this season! If your bestie is a fan of the show, why not incorporate some fabulous Love Island hen party ideas into her celebration. We can’t promise Ian Sterling’s voiceover and we’ll definitely survive the gross food challenges and definitely recombine. But, you can expect cute accessories, personalized water bottles, and fun challenges. So, it’s basically the same thing, isn’t it?

location location location

It may not be possible to find villas in Spain, but there are plenty of other options throughout Ireland. All you need to find is a location that allows for lots of outdoor comfort and a pool. Bonus if you can find one with a fire pit!

Pictured below: Fota Island Hen Parties

personalized gift

It’s not going to be a Love Island hen party with all the girls’ names printed on all their belongings! There are initials and names on water bottles (duh!), gin glasses, thermal tumblers and anything else you can get your hands on.

Pictured below: Waxed Gifts & Company (left), Bespoke Embroidery (middle), The Glamorous Collection (right)

Pictured below: Garage Monkey Design (left), Custom Design (middle), Submitted by Polly (right)

Challenges and Activities

Your Love Island hen party would be incomplete without some healthy competition!

Pictured below: Some of the great activities hosted by Elite Hen Parties.

summer favorite

Add some special touches with tropical party decorations, temporary tattoos and cute signs!

Pictured below: Pinterest

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