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So how many bridal showers is too many? I’m curious, how many pre-wedding ceremonies have you done? Because I seriously think I’m going to exceed the norm, I intend to pull it off as long as I can ? Thanks for the dine indulgence I’ve had a few close friends over to celebrate this fact Hosted our bridal luncheon together We have finally finalized our wedding date and booked our wedding venue. I will tell you about it in another post but; spoiler ALERT! I’m not going to Mexico as we originally planned. Anyway, back to my bridal luncheon. Last weekend, I invited my old school friends to my new home for lunch, cooked by a professional chef, courtesy of Dine Indulge. So I thought I would share some pictures with you all.

I was looking forward to doing something a little different with my friends to celebrate the occasion, so hiring a private chef to cook for us in the comfort of our own home was perfect. It suited the fact that it was a more casual affair, but the restaurant-style food made it a little more special.

As a vegetarian myself I was very impressed by the wide range of choice across the many different menus that Dine Indulge has on offer. I chose the Asian course from the express menu. I love Asian food so I knew I was going to enjoy it but I had two issues, first I wouldn’t be able to eat the desert as it wasn’t vegetarian and second, one of my girls couldn’t eat prawns? However, I didn’t really need to worry, our chef Chloe swapped in a vegetarian option for my friend who couldn’t eat the prawns and chocolate orange tart from the special course on the express menu, so I was able to eat desert. Was able to almost never happen. I cannot begin to tell you how good the food was! Everyone was commenting on how wonderful it tasted, why I hadn’t heard of Dine Indulge before, I’ll never know.

Chloe was the nicest person and I had no hesitation in letting her cook at my house, she even did the laundry! Chloe if you are reading this can you please come and stay with us!

Well that’s it for this year’s pre-wedding celebrations. But I’ll be sharing more about our venue and our decision to change our wedding location soon, so stay tuned, I can’t wait to tell you more!

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