Activities for Party


Activities at birthday party is become important part of the birthday party. Please keep in mind that its not just kid party lots of young parents also join birthday party. So, their interest must be taken care of when you plan such party.


magic show


You have options like,Tattoo maker, Puppet show, magic show, Games coordinator (MC), craft corner, hair beads and nail art, Pottery wheels studio, clown and so on.

We provide tailor made activity plan call for  discussion or check below and select.

So enjoy your party with us.

  Artiest based:

Tattoo Maker

Magic Show

Modern Puppet show

Games co ordinatior [M C]

Cartoon Characters


trampoline                        Modren Puppet show

Balloon Shooting                        Tattoo Maker


Equipment Based:


Ball Pool


Kids Play Area
Balloon Shooting


Photoshoot counter

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